Sunday, December 19

Finding Deals at Groupon?

The latest thing being discussed at the place I work is Groupon. Apparently, until recently, they did not have deals available where I live.

The idea seems to be that they will get a price deal for a quantity purchase and then offer that quantity deal to registered Groupon subscribers. If you are planning to buy certain goods it certainly couldn't hurt to sign up and see if they offer what you want for a better price than you find elsewhere.

Is it worth giving it a try? I don't know yet. But, given that I'm not afraid of letting one more company have my email address I just signed up. Since the idea seems to be growing fast I'm guessing we'll see more companies trying this idea.

If you have experience with Groupon please leave a comment or review...

Update: I've bought my first groupon deal. For $20 I have $40 of in-store credit at a local brew at home shop.

Update: The following blurb about Groupon is from CNBC...

Groupon, a three-year-old online local advertising company, said Thursday it raised $500 million as part of an effort to generate $950 million in financing. It disclosed the funding in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The online discount coupon company, which specializes in local advertising, raised the funds after reports last month that it was in talks to sell itself to Google for up to $6 billion, in what would have been the web advertising giant's biggest ever acquisition.