Sunday, October 3

Accidental Frugality -- Good Neighbors

Not a Good Neighbor!During a recent windy storm the shed in my back yard suffered damage. A small piece of wood that held the door closed broke in half and pulled out one of its nails. My new neighbor saw this happen, ran out in the storm, and screwed the door shut. This probably saved my poor old shed from total destruction.

Yesterday afternoon when I saw my neighbor working in his own yard, finishing up before the colder weather starts to arrive, I remembered that I had a couple beer in the fridge that some visiting friends had left behind the other day. So, of course, I hauled them out and headed outside.

While my neighbor was finishing up what he was doing I picked up the piece of wood that had broken off of my shed. My neighbor hands his nail gun over the fence and ten seconds later my shed is as good as before. It's not a new shed -- so I certainly don't mind a crack line above the doors.

Good deal! Having a good neighbor, and being a good neighbor, can save a ton of time, money and effort. Most notably, looking out for each other can limit or ward off costs associated with damages -- but it's also great to lend/receive a helping hand from time to time when work comes around.

I'm not going to talk about Karma or anything like that. However, if you are a good neighbor and have good neighbors it can make your life a lot easier. I know this is not news to most but having only recently purchased my own home the truth of this has become direct and visible.

Be a good neighbor!