Saturday, July 3

Recent Events

Cat Pendulum ClockSince I last wrote my wife and I have moved halfway across the continent, started new jobs, and after renting a place for a short while we are now in the final stages of buying a new home.

On a financial note we've both set up self-directed retirement accounts that we'll fund via automatic payroll deductions. The mortgage we are getting will be paid back on a bi-weekly schedule and we'll be able to make small over-payments any time we want if we feel it's a good idea to pay down the principle.

If things slow down maybe I'll soon starting posting more often.

Hmm, with the depth of our downturn I wonder how many people that used to look down on those facing hard times have now faced hard times themselves?

I actually feel uncertain about posting about our own positive events given the level of hardship out there these days. It's where we are. It's what I can most authentically write about...