Friday, January 1

Happy Frugal 2010

Scrooge McDuckIt's that time of year again. It's time to do some introspection, figure out what you do well, what you could do better, and then find the resolve to set some new goals.

Oh, oh. My improvement list is a bit longer than I'd like this year! In my own defense the trials and tribulations of raising a little one might have something to do with this...

Terrible Two'sMy resolutions will not be frugal related this year. I'm pretty happy with how that aspect of things is going. Instead, I think I'll focus on:

    - finding more positive ways to talk about
       work and home issues.
    - eating better and getting back in shape.
    - putting more time and effort into this
       blog and my blog directory.
The latter two goals are going to be a challenge! I have to find a way to generate the needed energy after work and family responsibilities have been looked after -- and I think exercise might be just the ticket.

Note: if you've posted resolutions please leave a comment and link to them so that I can read them.

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Mimi from French Kitchen said...

Happy New Year, Frugal Guy! Just stumbled upon your blog. My resolutions have nothing to do with frugality, unless you consider stress management and self care ways to stave off big medical bills in the future. I;ve been frugal for a full five years now in order to set aside money for trips. I'll be back!

Sherry@Coo Coo 4 Coupons said...

Mimi that is absolutely a frugal way of looking at your health!! :) I like this post! My resolution of course has to do with my weight. I'd like to get more into CVS and Walgreens this year! How does your blog directory work?

Frugal Guy said...

Hi Mimi,

Welcome. Speaking of stumble upon, maybe I should put up a stumble icon or something?

Frugal Guy said...


The directory is a bit different than most in that it uses a third party traffic ranking system to sort blogs based on readership levels.

It's also different in that it's categorized by geography. So, if you want to add your blog you'd need to pick your own city (or perhaps a larger nearby city if you are concerned about anonymity).

Thanks for leaving a note!

Damita said...

Good luck with your resolutions :)
I am trying hard to be frugal again this year :)

Damita said...

Would you like to exchange links? I have added you to my blogroll at

Frugal Guy said...

Hi Damita,

I like your blog... both the visual presentation and of course your writing style.

I looked, but couldn't find a blogroll on your site? Maybe it's too early in the morning for me?

I'll check again later... if I find it I'll be happy to add your site to my blogroll (and recommend my readers go check it out).

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back.

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