Saturday, December 12

Grinch At The Zoo

Grinch and FriendsIt's not that I dislike Christmas. I don't dislike holidays at all. However, I do detest the commercial aspects of Christmas and I especially detest the crowds of shopping zombies infesting the mall.

Now I understand why there have been movies and video games about zombies attacking the few remaining normal people at the mall.

Life's actually like that! Well, okay, perhaps not exactly.

In any case, I was out looking for shoes and rice today. I know, I know, it's getting close to Xmas and maybe I shouldn't be buying myself anything. However, this is where the Grinch concept comes in. I really have extracted myself from the commercial aspects of the season -- so I only have to worry about trouncing gift exchanges between my wife and myself when I buy something.

My son is still too young to get worked up about it. Next year is probably when Santa will intrude on my lifestyle once again. Mr. fat and jolly is entirely too pushy about the toys and as far as I recall he doesn't have much to say about friends and family. I think he's on the take. The toy companies are padding his pockets for sure. Giving away free samples every year and getting children around the world hooked on goodies.

Have they created the new Consumer Financial Protection Agency yet? I think they should check out his practices.

Anyway, perhaps I digress just a little.

I did find a nice pair of shoes. Would you believe that dress shoes don't have to be tied up anymore? You can just slip them on like a fancy pair of leather slippers. Sure, you can still find the grandpa variety if you want, but I've got a few years to go before I have to worry about that.

I didn't find my rice. I was looking for a nice big bag of long grain brown rice, perhaps 15 lbs or so, but there was nary a one to be found. I must have moved to a more posh neighborhood. There are plenty of bags of fancy jasmine scented rice, parboiled rice, white rice, but only tiny bags of plain boring brown rice. Ah well, I guess I can just pick up more of them at once -- it's still an inexpensive convenience food.

Now that winter is here I like cooking more. There's something about making home cooked food when the weather turns cold. Let the snow fall and the wind blow. A nice pot of chili, a roast, or maybe some stew will do.

On a different note I do know that times are tough out there for a lot of people. If you are doing well then please think about donating food, warm clothing, or maybe take the time to lend a hand where it will do the most good.

Happy holidays everyone. Be sure to teach your children to care about people more than about gifts!