Saturday, January 17

College Costs

College Is Expensive!This post is a bit of a departure from my normal fare. It's not really a review, as I don't even know anyone using this service, and it is a commercial program.

To make a long story short, I'm intrigued about the Upromise* program. From reading their web site it looks like they encourage students to enroll in their program, for free, to earn money for college by using a points style card when spending.

Earned money goes into their Upromise account and can be used to "a) invest in a 529 college savings plan b) pay down student loans or c) receive a check for college expenses."

Additionally, family members can also enroll in the program and the money they earn will also accrue to the student.

It seems that this savings program might be fairly effortless. This is especially true if the greater family gets together to help a student with college costs. If you are a student go check it out -- you have nothing to lose.

* The link above is an affiliate link, feel free to go to directly if you aren't in favor of affiliate programs.