Friday, August 29

Fighting Debt: Turning The Corner

Positive Progress!The battle against debt is finally starting to happen. It had been months and months since I became fully employed and the sheer inertia of mandatory and deferred expenses kept me from doing anything that felt like forward progress.

Now, finally, progress. Progress is fantastic. It's motivating. With respect to my last post, the logjam is finally broken!

The result of all this monumental progress?

My credit card balance has come down a tiny amount. Boo. Hiss. My debts are still a daunting pile of obligations. However, compared to facing ruin, whittling away small amounts of debt here and there feels as good as a vacation. Besides, even if I was forced to maintain financial stasis I have an ace in the hole. Generally, I always like to have a zinger, an advantage, an ace that I can pull out of my pocket.

My car should last a lot longer than my car payments are going to last. The piggy bank will get fat much faster when that finally happens.

I can hardly wait. Too bad my last payment is still so far away...

Saturday, August 2

Whittling Away at the Backlog

Don't mind me as I mix my metaphorsWow, sometimes it's not easy to simply turn a corner and actually end up going in a new direction.

Things like vacations and visitors, a wedding, losses in the family as well as direct financial issues that have become more pressing, due to years of neglect, all get in the way of that new direction. So, like the title suggests, progress is slow.

However, while the debt goal isn't moving quickly, it is nice to have some clothes that fit and aren't too ragged. It is nice to have brakes on the car that I am sure will serve well as I cart my family around town. Issues such as these, and many others, build up through years of neglect and confront a return to income with a vengeance.

It's similar to my work in a way. When a project nears completion there are a ton of issues that pop up and require attention. These get tackled, nerves get frayed, and another series of issues pop up. However, just when everyone assumes the project will never finish successfully, the issues quickly fade away. I'm waiting for that to happen to all the pent up needs that have been neglected over the years.

I'm getting frustrated, so that point is probably closer than I think!


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