Saturday, August 2

Whittling Away at the Backlog

Don't mind me as I mix my metaphorsWow, sometimes it's not easy to simply turn a corner and actually end up going in a new direction.

Things like vacations and visitors, a wedding, losses in the family as well as direct financial issues that have become more pressing, due to years of neglect, all get in the way of that new direction. So, like the title suggests, progress is slow.

However, while the debt goal isn't moving quickly, it is nice to have some clothes that fit and aren't too ragged. It is nice to have brakes on the car that I am sure will serve well as I cart my family around town. Issues such as these, and many others, build up through years of neglect and confront a return to income with a vengeance.

It's similar to my work in a way. When a project nears completion there are a ton of issues that pop up and require attention. These get tackled, nerves get frayed, and another series of issues pop up. However, just when everyone assumes the project will never finish successfully, the issues quickly fade away. I'm waiting for that to happen to all the pent up needs that have been neglected over the years.

I'm getting frustrated, so that point is probably closer than I think!


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Heather said...

I get this. My husband and I also neglected things like clothing when we were struggling with a few bills. I think I nearly cried when my 2yo attacked my "church" jeans with scissors. (I hate wearing jeans to church as I was raised to dress nicely on Sundays, but my wardrobe was that depleted and we attend a casual church).
Now that we're ready to really start attacking our last debts, it feels hard to justify buying items such as shoes and clothing even though postponing such purchases may cost more in the future.
Some friends of mine call it poor mouthing, when a person says they can't afford something when it's really a habit or desire to be cheap rather than frugal.
Thank you for the good and timely post.

Anonymous said...

I have had those days too. I am greatful for all of the good luck I have. I never take anything for granted. I am from the poorest state. Bills stack up but, we must buy things we need when we can. Have a great week. We are glad you are back. Annette

Frugal Guy said...

Heather, Annette, thanks for the comments.

It's always good to hear that a post resonates with the experiences of others too.

Melinda Gustafson Gervasi said...

The needs and wants in life never seem to cooperate with frugal plans. I found thrift stores, such as Goodwill and St. Vincent de Pauls to be a great source for inexpensive clothing. And the selection was great. When I first started as an attorney I needed professional clothes, but I was on a student budget to pay off student debt. I'll never forget finding a dove gray Banana Republic suit at Goodwill for $ was originally a $349.99 suit, and was in style and great condition. Years later, I'm still a devoted shopper at thrift stores of clothing. Hang in there, living debt free is worth it!

site4teachers said...

My husband and I have worked our way to being debt-free and it is so liberating! We clip coupons, buy things used, and try to live very frugally in general. Thanks for all your ideas on your blog!