Thursday, February 21

Informative Post Review

Recently, before I became fully employed, I had a little bit more time on my hands than I do now.

So, in an effort to earn a little bit of income in my spare time I signed up with Informative Post (sign up). I only wrote one or two articles for them, but they accepted my work and paid me for it via PayPal.

At the current time they are expanding (especially since they've just introduced a new affiliate program). I hope they can keep their focus on accepting only quality original articles -- there are more than enough article directories out there with not so good content.

If you sometimes feel like writing something that isn't a good fit for your blog, perhaps you should give them a try?

As with any online program, be a little bit cautious. Give it a try. Make sure it works for you. Then, after dipping your toe, feel free to jump in a little deeper if everything seems alright.

Here are the current rates for accepted articles...

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Anonymous said...

Great advice and take care!!! Thanks, Annette

Shellmo said...

I enjoyed your blog and found it very informative and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Since IP only pays you when you have reached $25 and you said you only wrote two I find it hard to believe you were paid since the highest price for two articles is way less than $25???

Frugal Guy said...

Hi Anon,

I suspect that the payout policies of Informative Post have changed since the time I wrote this review.

They were just getting started when I happened by their program.