Friday, January 26

Shared Popcorn is Half Price?

I guess it only makes sense. Movie theatres are renowned for offering overpriced goodies such as drinks and popcorn.

I obviously don't know where you live, but you might find that the theatre offers free popcorn refills. If you are a hogger, like myself, and can eat a whole bag on your own, refrain from getting one for yourself and one for your date.

Split one bag of popcorn and get a free refill, if needed, instead. Basically, you'll end up paying half price! Hmm, this might not be a stunt to pull on your first date, since snarfing back a whole bag of popcorn might entail some type of warning sign, but later when you are comfortable together, frugal up!

Think about it. You've paid $5.00 for a bag of popcorn worth about $0.10 or so. No wonder they will graciously let you load up on another $0.10 of popcorn...

Wednesday, January 17


I've taken to buying peanuts in the shell because they are relatively inexpensive and relatively inconvenient.

This means that I don't eat them too often. This also means that I don't eat too many of them when I do eat them.

However, I've been disappointed. Do the peanut companies purposely sell all the defective nuts this way? Sure, I know it's a bit hit and miss, but the mind boggles at how many nuts have to be wasted to produce a store bought jar of regular roasted peanuts.

Oh well. There is probably a brand or two left in town that I can try. All I want is that I don't get much by way of either rotten or burnt offerings. That's not too much to ask is it?

Friday, January 12

Finding Cheap Frozen Food Meals

Well, I don't know if you will be as excited about this as I am, but I've found a new source of healthy frugal foods. I'm psyched. Over the summer I had found some very low priced lean ground beef, but it seemed to be a seasonal overstock sale. Sadly for me, summer comes but once a year. Anyhow, there just so happens to be a little out of the way store that specializes in frozen goods.

I'd guess it is about a half hour drive or so each way... which means I'll have to buy enough per visit to make up for the trip itself. However, given the deep discounts found at the bottom of the deep freeze, I don't think that will be very hard to do. Here's why...

That's right Bob, behind door #1 we have Grill Fillets from Blue Water Seafoods. A small box has two fillets totalling approximately 1/2 pound of fish. At the supermarket next door a similar brand costs $3.59 per box. Can our lucky contestant guess the price of our fillets? No, it wasn't $2.99, I wouldn't be excited about that, would I? It wasn't even $1.99 though that would be a good deal. In fact, I paid a whopping $1.00 even. What a catch! I picked up five of these babies, one is cooking up as I write, and stuffed them into my freezer.

Okay Bob, behind door #2 we have lean ground beef. As the savvy returning reader knows, I like my ground beef! The price I'm paying is about the same as the blowout summer sale price I lucked across earlier this year. Ten 1 pound chunks of frozen lean ground beef totaled $17.99 instead of the $30.00 or so that I'd usually have to pay. Your prices may differ, depending on where you live, but I'm sure you can see that this is a substantial saving for me.

There were only two 10lb packs of ground beef in the store when I walked in, but some nasty person grabbed one of them before I got there. It was a tragedy, as I would have scooped up both of them. Anyway, I'll be able to thaw out a 1lb pack overnight, cut it in half, then cook it for dinner two nights in a row. If I have it with things like, beans, rice or pasta, then I'm going to have a very cost efficient and healthy meal.

This is great! While the fish was a one time price, the beef is a regular item at this new store. So, this means that I can continue to eat the foods I like at incredibly cost efficient prices. I'm able to save significantly on my monthly food costs when I'm able to find large quantities of meat on sale. They also have good prices on many other items, but my freezer is getting fairly crowded again.

Ding, dinner time. Garlic butter fish fillets are on the menu tonight...

Monday, January 1

Happy Frugal New Year

I don't have a whole lot to say, but happy new year!

Here's hoping you earn more, save more, and notice your frugality less...