Friday, December 14

Switching to AdBrite?

I've decided to give AdBrite a try.

Some features that I like:

- I can choose to approve every ad - though I may or may not want to.

- I am able to enter my Adsense code - so they can show it if they can't beat my Adsense revenue.

- You are allowed to have both Adsense and Abrite ads at the same time if you want.

Why not try it? Being frugal doesn't mean that I don't want to earn income!

Frugal Guy said...
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Anonymous said...

Too cool. Annette There are cool rebate sights to get money back on things you buy already too.

Lawrence said...

I wasn't such a big fan!

Frugal Guy said...

Lawrence, I tried it, and somewhere on my blog I give it a thumbs down as it did almost nothing for me.

Thanks for the note.