Monday, November 5

Infused Oils

Confused oil? What?

While it might sound a bit fancy, infused oils have other flavorful ingredients mixed into them. Commonly, you will find olive oil infused with various herbs or spices. If you grow your own herbs or spices you can certainly infuse at home, but since you don't need to use much at once it isn't very expensive to purchase either.

Make your own instructions...

The flavor I'm most familar with is extra virgin olive oil infused with rosemary. While it's great for use when roasting sliced potatoes, perhaps with salt and pepper, you can also use it anywhere the flavor won't be completely overpowered.

For example, the other day while using up some leftover rice, I used a spoonful of rosemary olive oil while frying it. It added a nice delicate flavor to the rice. Another alternative would be to go for some type of hot pepper infused oil, which would go with just about anything... though I have fried chicken on my mind at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

MMM good idea. Speaking of that does anyone know where to find Chives for baked taters??? I can't find it anywhere so far. Those oils sound to cook with too. They probably add more flavor too. Have a nice week. Annette

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