Friday, October 5

New Fitness Forum

Join Fitness-IWell, I've been a bit busy lately, so I haven't been able to put together a frugality minded post. However, let me tell you a little bit about where I've been putting much of my spare time.

This is a brand new independent fitness forum that I'm in the process of launching. If you are interested in getting in shape, perhaps losing weight, or maybe even gaining muscle, then sign up here and post your questions. We have some knowledgable people (including myself) who are sure to step in and offer some advice. These people might be a bit "dedicated" to health and fitness, but please don't be intimidated.

I promise to be nice to you!

Of course, you can also discuss sports or just about anything else, though in general, the site is for fitness minded people.

I hope to see you there!

Frugal Guy said...
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Anonymous said...

What is your opinion on walking for exercise?? Do you think it prevents disease and ect.. or do you think people need more?? Thanks and have a nice weekend. Annette

Frugal Guy said...

Hi Annette,

That's a good question!

The short and simple answer is that walking is certainly a lot better than sitting on the couch doing nothing.

A longer answer has to do with choosing your exercise to match your fitness goals. If you have more advanced goals you will need to move towards more aggressive forms of exercise.

However, anecdotally, once when I was very out of shape, I started with walking and dieting, until I deemed I was fit enough to start going to the gym.

I do believe that exercise, in general, is something that is absolutely required (especially as we age) to maintain a variety of health factors. Our society seems to have downplayed the value of physical effort... but we remain physical beings that developed in a world requiring physical work.

How could it be that physical work is not a requirement for long term health?

Anonymous said...

I believe you are right. The majority of my life I have worked in jobs that required me to do physical work. My friends that did little physical work such as desk jobs have ended up with weak backs, heart disease and diabetis ect... I have worked in service jobs, only a few office jobs, law enforcement and I had to do physical labor. I do need to get back to the gym. I cut that out due to bad behavior from others. I geuss I could just keep my walkman on because, now I do less physical work at my job. Have a great week and thanks. Annette

Mrs. Micah said...

Mr. Micah and I try to take walks 3 or 4 times a week. Then our goal is to play badmitton once on the weekend. Plus, he runs on Fridays (it's convenient) and I take walks almost every day at lunchtime (about 15 minutes).

Otherwise, I'm afraid, we don't focus much on fitness. I'd like to get into a yoga class, perhaps.

Frugal Guy said...

Hi Annette, Mrs Micah,

It's tough to "get into" fitness these days. There are so many competing aspects of our lives and so little time... perhaps exacerbated by the fact that most of us live in an environment that makes exercise inconvenient or unappealing.

Sounds like society is heading in the wrong direction to me, but what do I know? ;)