Monday, October 15

Baby Aspirin and Fish Oil?

Fish OilToday's post is a bit of a health tip. I guess it's somewhat of a mind meld between the fitness site I'm working on and thoughts of frugality. How many of you have joint discomfort? I don't mean outright pain, but occasional discomfort presumably caused by inflammatory conditions.

Sometimes my knees bug me. I've been taking concentrated fish oil, which everyone knows is very good for you for many reasons, as it helps deal with issues of inflammation. This has been working well for me. However, one of the people on my new fitness site pointed out some studies concerning aspirin and fish oil.

To make a long story short, high quality fish oil can be expensive. Especially if you are taking a reasonable dosage for specific benefits. It might, and I have to stress that it is too early to make conclusions, just be able to reduce the amount of fish oil you need to take and save you some money while providing increased health benefits.

When it comes to health issues, as I have no credentials, I enjoy speculating. In this case, I can't help but wonder if the synergistic effect between aspirin and Omega-3's begins to explain some of the cardio-protective health benefits often associated with low dose aspirin?

UPDATE: The fitness site idea has long since vanished. Sorry for the broken link that was up for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Great ideas but, people should look for mercurey free pills. The FDA does not moniter fish oil so, you have to be careful. It does work good. The best luck I have had is with Cod liver fish oil. Asprin makes me sick so, I can't always take it. Move-Free works good for joints. You may want to sign up for a free sample. Have a great week. Annette

Frugal Guy said...

Hi Annette, you are right, people taking larger amounts of fish oil should be careful about contaminants. For example, I like molecularly distilled oil, but I'm sure there are other options too.