Monday, September 3

Wasting Time With Forex

Blogging about the ForexOkay, I suppose that isn't a very charitable statement, but I've been putting some of my spare time into a new hobby.

I'm the newest rookie trading on the Forex market!

It's actually kind of funny, but I can only say that in terms of entertainment value per dollar, it's actually a good deal. What do I mean by this? As a day trader I can experience the thrills and stresses of immediate gains and losses whenever I want to. It's as exciting as a good movie and as a bonus you can never tell what the ending is going to be.

Anyway, while this isn't really a frugal issue, if you are interested, I have started another blog on my efforts to learn about Forex trading.

On another note, my girlfriend and I put some small furniture pieces together this weekend. Actually, she was happy to do much of the assembly and I added a bit of muscle for the bits that weren't cooperative. She did a great job. Hmm, maybe there is a blog post in this somewhere?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff. Did you see how much a dollar is worth in Columbia?? Good luck on the shopping!! I need to get a new dishwasher so, I am looking around for that!! Have a great week!!!