Friday, August 3

Recent Technology Upgrades

Based on the fact that I was moving I decided to finally take the leap and perform two long overdue technology upgrades.

Wireless Networking
First, in order to facilitate connectivity and make it easier for me to be productive (which might mean hiding from the world in the basement), I've upgraded from a wired home network to a wireless one. I picked up a fairly cheap Linksys 802.11 something or other. I know, I know, for techweenies the letter is important. For me, it works, I'm connected, and that's enough.

I'm wondering if any of my frugal readers have done this or are considering this. Any questions or comments to share?

Cell Phone
Second, I finally buckled and purchased a cell phone. I used to have one, a long time ago, when they were much bigger, bulkier and had less features. Now, I've got a brand spanking new Sony Ericsson Walkman model cell phone. The idea is that I can not only use it to listen to tunes, but for long drives I can get an FM transmitter and play my music on the car stereo.

Holy cow Batman, I've entered the technology era!

Anyway, the reasoning behind the purchase is that my girlfriend and I are both on the same provider and will have free calling to each other. Heh, I can also take photo's of her when she is eating dinner, sneezing or at other similarly annoying moments. Okay, okay, that wasn't a reason, it's just a bonus.

Closing Thoughts
Once again, if you aren't a frugal afficionado yet, don't mistake frugal for hopelessly out of date and inconvenient. Frugal is just figuring out where best to spend your money to maximize your utility while using less. For example, the attic in my new home seems to be under insulated. Although it is too hot to fix right away you can be sure we'll be getting this fixed once this "heatwave" passes.

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Anonymous said...

Great ideas but, what about internet service. Which one is the best deal if you have time?? Thanks have a great weekend. Annette I love your blog!!!!!

Frugal Guy said...

Hi Annette,

Thanks for the support. As for the Internet service, it will depend on your area. Generally, either a high speed phone line or a high speed cable line will do the job.

While some people are still opinionated about which one to use, either will do for the common person. Do check to make sure that other local users aren't complaining about poor service before jumping on board though.

Personally, the only thing I use from my provider is the connection. I don't need their email, web site, filtering or any other features they may try to bundle with it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks I appreciate your advice and blog!! Good luck Annette

Anonymous said...

I have found a super cheap prepaid cell plan - Page Plus. I got a phone, a LG flip-phone at a local mom and pop store for $19.95. you an get 83 minutes that last 4 months for $10. If you use it sparingly (use the free voice mail and call back on a land line) - otherwise, 1 or 2 minute calls only - $2.50 a month! It even uses the Verizon network. Warning - their website blows, but for $2.50 a month, I'll endure it. If you talk more than that - $25 will get you 300 minutes for 4 months - still only $6.25 a month!