Saturday, August 11

MyPoints Trial - I'm Skeptical

I just signed up for MyPoints. Well, actually, since this is a bit of a review, I spent a week trying to sign up for MyPoints! Their silly web site kept generating an error when I filled out and submitted their registration form. I complained to their customer service email and got anything but customer service. Basically, they sent back a canned response suggesting I fill out the form and sign up.


Anyhow, after what I consider great patience on my part, which is actually quite rare, I finally signed up for MyPoints about five minutes ago. So, I can't guarantee your experience, but apparently it does work sometimes. Right now, in another browser window, I'm busy filling in my profile details for a meagre amount of additional points.

I don't know how many points I need to get rewards, but I'm sure I'll find out before too long. I do know that they, MyPoints, will send out rewards cards that you can use at various retailers. A lot of companies allow people to purchase preloaded cards, so I suspect this is just a variation of that theme.

While I imagine the best way to earn points is to purchase things online, from the retailers they are associated with, I doubt I'll be doing that. For goodness sake, I write a frugality blog, I can't just go around spending money like it grows on trees y'know. Anyway, if there are any great deals that happen to coincide with something I planned to purchase, then I might be able to make use of it.

Based on the information I've seen so far I also suspect that they spam the heck out of your email address. Viewing these offers will also apparently earn you points. Now, I'm only speculating still, so perhaps the amount of mail won't be all that bad. In any case, since I use Gmail, I don't expect much trouble with respect to managing my inbox.

A bit of scouring, in that other browser window I mentioned above, shows a long list of places that you can select from when redeeming your points. It looks like you need several thousand points before you'll amass anything worthwhile, but I don't know how achievable that is or how long it might take to do. You can sign up here if you want to but don't do anything unfrugal in order to get points.

Wish me luck!

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Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

I've been doing mypoints for about 3 years. This is my strategy:

I do the bare minimum. I never fill out the questionaires, because they are a pain, I don't ever sign up for trial offers (because I always forget to cancel). All I do is click on the "view offer" button on the bottom of the emails they send you. This usually equates to 5 pts. When the popup window comes up, I reduce it (so it has time to load-I'm not sure if the points count if you don't let it fully load) then later I just kill the popup window.

That is usually all it takes to accumulate the points.

I do check to see if a vendor I'm planning on purchasing from anyway has a window through the mypoints site, heck, if you are buying a book from Barnes and Nobel anyway you might as well get the points etc. Or if you are planing on using vista print to buy business cards. . .

You'll probably get about 5 emails a day. When you go to cash them in, you get to pick what they are used for.

Just doing this method, last year I was able to redeem my points for 5 $5 gift certificates to Red Lobster (which I gave to my son's teachers in their Christmas Cards) and a $50 gift certificate to Old Navy. In previous years I've given my husband gift certificates to Home Depot etc, or my siblings gift certificate to Starbucks.

It's a bit of a pain, but not much-considering you basically get something for nothing (since I don't sign up for most of the offers.)

Frugal Guy said...

Hi Jenn,

Thanks for stopping in and telling me more about mypoints. Your strategy sounds about right to me as well.

I really like the idea of getting a gift card for something and having it be a free bonus -- even if it only happens once or twice a year.

Anonymous said...

Great!! Has anyone had luck with the survey for money sights?? One friend has made $300.00 in one month for the her opinion but, I bet that took a great deal of time. Have a great week!! Annette

Anonymous said...

Ok I found one called Inbox dollars. You can make $5.00 at a time for each person you refer. I think you can get it to sign up too!! Good luck and have a great week!! Annette You may want to try it!! That mypoints is great!! Thanks so much!!!

Kim C. said...

Frugal Guy,
Would you like to join the Frugal Blogroll? I think you'd be perfect for it, and I would like to feature your blog on there as well.
Let me know!

Maine Mama said...

I do my points. I haven't earned very much. There is another rewards program that I like much better called Sunshine Rewards. I joined two weeks ago and have already made $27. You can shop, do surveys, or participate in offers. Many of the offers simply ask you to input your address and email(I have a designated yahoo account for this to funnel the spam)and then spend about two minutes clicking no to a bunch of offers. I have never signed up for anything other than email newsletters. I have not had to give out any credit card info. As a stay home mom, it's a nice way to earn a bit of extra money. If you decide to check it out and like what you see, please use my number (7613) when signing up. Sunshine even paid me a $2.50 bonus for mentioning them in my blog and putting up a link!

Frugal Guy said...

Hi Annette, Kim, Maine Mama, thanks for the comments.

I'm now at a whopping 115 points, woohoo!

Kim, I noticed the blogroll list, and seems great, but I'm worried about having too many links on my blog. That might sound silly, but the list seems huge.

Maine Mama, Annette, thanks for pointing out other opportunities. I'm sure readers will be interested in them. I am probably going to limit my signups to MyPoints for a while, and if I give up on that, I'll come back here and try your ideas. I just don't have the time to put much effort into a series of points programs these days.

mommamu said...

I have been using My points for a couple years. Much like Jenn, I just pretty much click the offers, if you look in the bottom left hand of your screen you can see when my points switches over to the actual web addresses of the company. As soon as I see that come up I click it closed (usually a matter of seconds. I have been getting my points credited and since we are always working on our house I usually get home depot gift cards although I have done Barnes and Noble as well as Olive Garden..

Frugal Guy said...

Mommamu, I'm in the same boat these days... just clicking on the emails to go take a look. I'm at about 180 points total now.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with Mypoints!

There also a brand new competitor on the market now: !

It's still easy to make referrals now :-p