Tuesday, May 22

Frugality: Discipline and Guilt

Man pulling out hair (not me)Have you ever been doing well on a dietary plan and then had to throw it aside for a few days while you travelled or visited? Did it make you feel guilty?

What about the financial aspect? Have you, by choice or otherwise, tossed aside the frugal mindset and then felt guilty about it?

Of course, unexpected events will always happen. We can't plan for or prepare for every eventuality. So why, when events push or pull us away from our desired disciplined path, do we feel so stressed about it?

For example, last weekend was a visiting weekend. So, additional travel expenses, food and drink expenses, entertainment expenses and so forth. I think I have a spending and dietary hangover. Now, adding to my stress, are some fairly serious computer troubles. I'm spending money to find out how much it will cost to keep myself reliably online.

I know it's somewhat irrational, but I'm feeling a lot of guilt, anxiety or something about all of this. It feels just like falling off the diet wagon! I never realized the behaviors were so similiar.

I suppose that both dieting and frugality are states of mind that involve willed discipline to counter our instincts, desires and impulses. I'm guessing that the lessons of each can be applied to the other.

Personally, I'm feeling a bit out of control in both areas right at the moment. I suspect, or am wondering if, losing control in one area, by choice or by necessity, puts pressure on the mental discipline needed to stay in control in other areas? Something to think about.

Frugal Guy said...
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Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

Just like a diet, once you fall off the wagon you must just get back on and try again.

We all have those periods-I myself just spent over $200 on annual flowers to spruce up the yard. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

If one thing gets off track in my life then it seems everything dominoes down... diets, savings, study, chores, whatever. I'll whine "Oh! Wretched sinner that I am!", pick a priority to begin again, and get back to doing my best. Last week it was a visit from my in-laws. Since I over-spent anyway I should have left town and had a good time! HAHAHAHA!

Frugal Guy said...

Jenn, Anon,

Thanks for sharing! As I'm sure you could tell, I can certainly use the company/support/humor... ;)

Mimi Syaka said...

I *so* appreciate the honesty and advice dispensed here. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Frugal Guy said...

Hi Mimi,

Thank you for such a nice compliment!