Thursday, April 12

Broke Versus Poor

I recently joined the friendly forums over at Just Frugal (Note: link removed as the site seems to have gone away). One of the topics I found discussed this article concerning "Lessons from Living Down And Out."

HomelessI'm not sure I like the description of broke that was given. For some reason it raised my ire. Perhaps it was because it felt like someone that didn't have to deal with real issues was trying to tell me what real issues are.

Have I even gone through real issues? Where exactly is the cutoff?

Anyway, I do understand that sometimes people don't earn enough, or they don't spend wisely and run out of money early, while others simply have absolutely nothing.

However, I've never been one that likes to dismiss the trials of one person just because someone else has had it worse. The world is a huge place. There is ALWAYS someone who had it worse, but that doesn't stop everyone else from having legitimate issues.

I do realize I was lucky to have the ability to use credit while I was unemployed, for example. That doesn't change the fact that I had to move to a cheaper place and scrounge while I built up years of debt and simply had to let non-essential bills slide.

Lucky for me another job did eventually show up or I'd be continuing my downward slide. Anyway, this was several years back, and it was a very depressing process, but I refuse to dismiss these issues offhand due to the fact that many others have had it as bad or worse. It was perhaps the worst and most dangerous period of my life.

On the other hand, I learned a lot during those tougher times. I relearned how to appreciate a rainy day, a sunny day, the smell of leaves, a cool breeze, clouds, going for a walk, faithful pets, good friends, and many other little things in life that we get too busy to see and appreciate.

Let's not look for examples of more dire circumstances and dismiss the issues of everyone else in the process...

Note: Included in this week's Festival of Frugality.

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credit card user said...

I totally agree with you. This is a churlish job - to count somebodyelse's money. There is no reason to get pissed off if there is someone better-off than you are or to rejoice because there are people starving and you are not.