Sunday, March 4

Saturday's Sunday Drive

My girlfriend and I spent the day in the car yesterday. Because of the distance involved the cost wasn't insignificant, but it was a really nice day. We decided to just keep going and pay a visit on a friend of mine who had just had a significant birthday.

While we did drop in unannounced we didn't stay very long so I'm sure it couldn't have been too inconvenient. Besides, it was a great way to casually introduce my girlfriend to my friend and his family.

Since the whole day was rather spontaneous we did break a few frugality rules! We didn't bring much by way of home made food or drinks for the trip. We did however stop to buy overpriced snacks including a quick pick up at McDonalds.

In all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day all around... so if you are living frugal, don't let it become such a big deal that it won't let you enjoy unplanned off the cuff moments because they aren't fiscally controlled.

NOTE: Included in this week's Festival of Frugality post.

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Corrin said...

Sounds like a nice day, and it was probably one of the cheaper ways to spend the day if you guys are anything like my boyfriend and I!