Monday, March 5

Free Internet Dialup?

Does anybody still use dialup?

I've been using cable Internet for ages now. I don't even have a dialup modem anymore! If you are reading this, and you use dialup, please leave a comment. Perhaps explain whether or not high speed connections are available where you are and if so why you don't use them. Of course, there is no need to provide your name or exact location (don't forget to safeguard your privacy).

If you are using dialup for frugality purposes that is of course a good reason... ;)

However, considering all the power failures and other nonsense that always seems to occur at the most inconvenient time, I am starting to think that having dialup access on standby might be a good bet. A laptop or a computer with a good UPS can continue working even without power. Phone lines, whether land line or cell, can often work even when the power is out in your home.

I haven't personally used this service, but it sounds like a good emergency backup plan. NetZero has a free dialup service that gives you 10 hours per month. Sure, dialup is a real pain, but if you need to send an email, add a post to your blog, or maybe just chat with a friend or business associate, it could be a real lifesaver during certain types of connectivity failures.

Hey, it's free, and could provide a useful service! I think that qualifies as both prudent and frugal - assuming you have a modem available as a backup connectivity option.

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Anonymous said...

I pay $8.95/mo. for dialup unlimited internet access. I also run Linux on a six-year-old homebuilt box. Its super low cost, super low maintenance. Ultra-reliable. I have been running Linux for eight years this way. No hassles at all. The only sacrifice I have to make is no video or music, which I don't mind at all - that's what satellites do much better than the Internet.

Dana said...

I'm on broadband, but I keep a dialup account for backup. Even though I live in a large metro area, I've found that my broadband disappears at times, and it seems to happen when I need it the most. :-)

I am definitely a frugal person, but I think that keeping my dialup connection is definitely worth the few dollars a month I pay to this isp:

Tameran Wiccan said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and this post and I had to comment. :-)

I'm stuck on dial up because I live in the boonies and I can only connect at 28kbs. I use a free dial up account but... I need a phone line to connect. So, I pay 55$ per month (Canadian) for a residential phone line to dial up to a 28kbs line. I don't use my phone otherwise.

Next month, I'm moving to the city. Cable internet will be available for 30$ per month or I could do the 'free dial up' thing again and get a 56k connection... with a 55$ phone line.

In the best interests of frugality... and my sanity, I'm moving to cable! The 25$ per month I'll be saving will go towards the down payment for a house. Every bit helps!

Frugal Guy said...

Thanks for sharing these details everyone. It has been a long time since I used dialup, but of course I remember when it was the only thing going and 9600 bps was high end.

lencialoo said...

Hi...I just stumbled onto this wonderful frugal blog site so this may be a bit late. I use dial-up in a new sort of way. I dropped my land-line service(att) many years ago and always used cable, even for my job with a high tech company to work from home. I got tired of paying out the nose for cable which increased from $59/month for Basic Cable TV and cable internet to almost $98/ I dropped it entirely for old fashioned rabbit ears antenna for TV and I use an inexpensive laptop with wifi and a new internet phone which I use as a modem ( connects at 11mbps). I pay $19/month for the internet and also use of hotspot at Starbucks, Kinkos etc. when I need faster speed (for me Starbucks is just across the street). I also use the public library (free wifi) when I want a place to spread out and peace and quiet. Since I dont pay for a wired phone line and $39/month for my cell I think I am saving quite a bit...enough to pay for the newer phone...which acts as a PDA...and I can surf the net with it as well, use it as a GPS with google maps (free service) has gotten me out of a few binds when I needed a map on the road etc.