Tuesday, February 27

What's For Breakfast?

Breakfast is where I like to really save dough. Though I'll sometimes pick up some bagels, which are great toasted with peanut butter, I usually just stick to my oatmeal.

This morning, for example, it was frozen blueberries, oatmeal and milk. If you can get past your taste for commercially sweetened cereals and other usual junk breakfast fare, you'll find this is just fine.

You might want to thaw the berries in the fridge overnight. Heck, if you are like me and don't cook your oatmeal, then you might want to let the berries, oatmeal and milk all sit overnight.

Note: Don't buy flavored, sugared, instant or quick oatmeal. Get the plain stuff with the largest flakes you can find and buy it in bulk. You can also use steel cut oats, but you'll find that they would require soaking or cooking. With flakes that is optional.

Frugal Guy said...
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Michelle Kendall said...

Have you ever tried raw oatmeal for breakfast? Raw oatmeal in a bowl, add whatever you have lying around- wheat germ, raw sunflower seeds, chopped dried prunes, splenda, cinnamon...top with skim milk, mix well and eat.

Frugal Living Blog---a blog after my heart. This blog rocks!

Frugal Guy said...

Have I?

I've got a bowl sitting in the kitchen right now for a short soak.

Thanks for the comments!

Lawrence said...

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I"m the biggest fan of scrambling almost anything into my eggs.