Monday, February 26

Promote Your Blog

I figured I'd let you in on a little secret. Okay, it isn't much of a secret, but I'm the guy behind the Grokodile blog directory. Recently I've been using PayPerPost to encourage some bloggers to add themselves to Grokodile and then write a review of the directory.

I've gotten some great feedback and suggestions because of this! For example, I've added small bits of help information and streamlined a few things to make it even easier to submit a blog correctly.

If you are a blogger, here are some good reasons to submit your blog to the Grokodile directory:

  • Get Some Link Love: Inbound links help your blog rank better in search engine listings. You don't have to link back to the directory but it would be nice if you did.

  • Find Local Bloggers: Grokodile is a regional directory that lists blogs and sites at the community level. Adding your blog in your own community will help you connect with other local bloggers.

  • Get More Readers: Obviously we can't promise loads of traffic, but we do rank listings such that sites not visited recently rise higher on the page over time.
What does this have to do with frugality? Not much. However, the directory is a startup Internet site that is being launched on an extemely limited budget. Other than hosting costs there are currently zero non-marketing expenses - which is really only possible because I'm an Internet programmer by trade.

Please visit the directory and add your blog to your own local community. It's free and may just bring you some readers and will help you find other local blogs.

P.S. If you feel real generous today feel free to write a review. Or, if you prefer, perhaps leave a comment to let me know about something I need to improve or correct.

Frugal Guy said...
First time visitor? Start on my blog overview page...

Have your own blog? Please add it to my blog directory!

If you've found help, hope or laughter here, please consider linking to my blog or perhaps a particular post...



Frugal Logic said...

I added myself to Grokodile a week or so ago and have noticed some incoming traffic from this blog directory.