Saturday, February 24

Cocooning vs Blowing High Dough

Your lifestyle can have a lot to do with whether or not you can hang onto your money. Many people, including myself when I was younger, like to go out and party during evenings and weekends. Of course, this would usually involve buying expensive drinks, playing pool, watching sports, listening to music, perhaps even looking for a significant other.

Finally, at the end of the night, after drinking too much it was generally time to buy some overpriced greasy food and find a cab to get home in.

Holy crap! A few days of this per week serveral times a month and you are literally throwing your cash away. You do realize that there are things you can do that don't involve such blatant waste and consumption, don't you? For example, if you had a pair of cross country skis, then you could use them all winter, year after year, with very little expense and be healthier to boot.

If you can't ski or can't afford skis, then you can probably afford to go for a walk. Bundle up and enjoy a sunny winter day. What about skating? Window shopping down main street? Relaxing on your couch with a comforter, good company, a book and perhaps some music or maybe a movie in the background. Maybe a warm pet curled up somewhere close by?

I know a lot of people go out a lot in the hopes of finding a significant other, but there are better ways to show the world that you have something to offer. Get involved in things around the community. Find people that are interested in the same sports, activities or hobbies that interest you. Once you are in the company of other people, whether partying or not, you'll be socially active. Partying all the time does not make you a good catch, it's a warning sign to anyone that has their act together already and isn't partying all the time anymore themselves.

Anyway, I realize this can be somewhat of an age based thing, but if you are trying to spare your cash, then you need to realize there are other strategies available to you while in pursuit of your goals.

When you have met someone, consider cocooning from time to time. It's very nice to curl up and relax with someone special on a cold winter day, even if it doesn't cost anything. Contrary to popular consumer philosophies, you don't actually have to actively spend loads of money to be comfortable and happy.

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stephanie said...

hey frugal guy - your description of the pool-playing, fancy-drinking, money-wasting college kid sounded exactly like me when i was in school. it seemed totally worth it at the time, but when i was paying back $6000 in credit card debt, those late-night pizzas and hours at the bar didn't seem so worth it anymore. ah well, we live and learn.
but now, you're right. it's all different: and i guess it is an age thing.
thanks for the post!

frugal guy said...

Stephanie, it seems to be a pretty common phenomenon. Anyhow, thanks for leaving such an awesome comment.

mommamu said...

Excellent point! I shudder to think howmuch money I wasted on nothing as a college student!