Sunday, February 19

Love the Library

Today's lesson in frugal living is of a slightly different nature than many of the other tips. Looking for something to do? Go visit the library. Assuming it isn't too difficult to get there, and that your community actually has one, there is probably no other frugal activity with such a strategic importance.

In particular, if you have children, taking them to the library and getting them familiar with it will pay you big dividends. It is generally a semi-supervised setting that allows them to peruse newspapers, magazines, books and most likely use computers to access the Internet. As long as they are able to find something of interest, it will cost a lot less than shopping at the mall, going out for food, buying videos or seeing a movie. The best part is, developing an affinity for reading has a very strong correlation to later success in life.

If you don't have children, the same money saving reasons apply, but only for yourself. Just make sure to return anything you borrow on time, late fees are not a good way to practice frugality.

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Saturday, February 18

Road Trip!

Hey, we all do it. We all travel, go places, visit, or whatever. On the way we stop for some gas, some relief, a snack, something to drink and so on. However, if you stop to think about it, we are all wasting a lot of money during these events. Just planning ahead a little bit would save us a lot of change.

For example, a single can or bottle of soda will cost almost twice as much if purchased one at a time at the gas station. The same is true with respect to individual sized bags of chips and most other snacks. At the same time, the quality of the food you are eating is pretty close to garbage. See, living frugal isn't always about just saving a few pennies.

Make some sandwiches. Pack some fruit or vegetables. Bring along some drinks that you bought at a regular grocery store. You'll spend about half the money and your body will thank you for the real nutrition. Maybe that is why we are so happy to get home from a trip, because we feel so crummy after feeding ourselves garbage for the duration?

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