Wednesday, November 8

Consumer Product Packaging Meltdown

Okay, I'll warn you right up front this is more of a rant about a common shopping experience than anything else. You probably won't learn how to save any money, but you might agree with me or think this post is somewhat humorous. I'd like to think all my posts are humorous, but I'm willing to entertain other viewpoints.

So, once again, as happens from time to time, I have to pick up some toilet paper at the supermarket.

Hey, it happens!

Anyway, let's see, what choices do I have? I can go for the small pack of twelve arranged in a 3x4 flat square or a pack of twenty four in a 4x6 extra long variety. My guess is they are packaged this way to look big. You have to carry it around the supermarket like a badge of honor. Look, I've got three tons of toilet paper, I'm so proud of myself!

Then, it's time to bag it, and it doesn't fit in a standard bag. You still have to advertise to the entire world how absolutely proud you are to be full of it. Yes, look, I've got a zillion rolls of bumwad. I have so much buttwipe I can barely fit it into my cart or my car. Yes, thank you, it has taken me years to achieve this pinacle.

Please, for the love of our dignity, won't some manufacturer create an eight pack that comes in a small cube? This would easily fit in a bag. You might even be able to get away with making a package containing three layers of four, so that you can still package twelve at a time. Just, please, stop making me show off for all the world how full of it I am.

End rant.

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Anonymous said...

I find this posting pointless, tasteless, and not humorous at all.

Frugal Guy said...

Strangely, I find your comment humorous!

Hiflyer said...

Great sense of humor. I'm still laughing.