Saturday, October 21

Looking For a Pork Recipe

I found a good deal on pork shoulders today. At less than $1/lb I just had to pick one up and give it a try. So, I have a large pork shoulder sitting in my fridge that I have no idea how to cook. Sure, I could go search for recipies on the Internet and I'm sure there are tons, but I thought I'd do it this way instead.

What is your favorite recipe for cooking a pork shoulder? Personally, I am probably going to end up doing something involving a crock pot, but please don't limit yourself to that. If you have a good pork recipe on your blog or web site, then please leave a comment and post a link to it. Heck, even if you just have a favorite site for finding recipies then you could point me that.

Tick tick tick. Time is ticking. Some time in the next several days I'll have to choose a recipe and get cooking! Heh, leave a comment and link even if time has obviously run out, I'm sure I'll be buying pork shoulders again...

Note: Here's a recent post about buying a pre-cooked ham.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Frugal Guy:

Roast it! Cut slits in the roast and put in sliced garlic. If it has fat on the outside, which it should, score the fat and rub in salt, this will make delicious (not healthy) crackling. Salt, pepper and garlic powder the outside and roast at 325 degrees, 20 minutes per pound. You will have a delicious meal, throw some potatoes in for the last hour. Next day fabulous leftovers, shredded barbque pork sandwiches,or just roast redue. Yum yum.

Anonymous said...

The last pork shoulder I did this way.

I used a dry spice rub and put it on right before I put it in the crockpot (it was supposed to go on the night before-oops!) Then I poured a bottle of BBQ sauce over it and just cooked the heck out of it all day in the crockpot. When it was done I cooled it, pulled the meat off the bone, and froze it in 1 cup portions. I poured the BBQ sauce into a saucepan and thickened it back up with some cornstarch (don't forget to dissolve the cornstarch in cold water before you add it to hot liquid-otherwise it just clumps) I took 2 cups out (I have a family of 4 and this lasted for 2 meals) and just coated it in the BBQ sauce for "pulled pork".

The bone then got cooked with some beans for a nice bean dish the next day.


Anonymous said... ooops here is a link to a good rub recipe. . . .

Frugal Guy said...

Anon, Jenn, those both sound like great recipes. Thanks!

I checked the expiry date, I may wait until the weekend to cook it. We'll have to see how long I can hold out looking at this thing in my fridge.

Saundra said...

If you like Mexican flavored food this is pork deluxe. Not only does it taste great it freezes like a dream.
Throw your roast in the crockpot add about one half cup of water. Let it cook until done.
Now the magic. Take it out and using two forks shred it. You can use your fingers as it cools.
Now get out your biggest skillet.
I perfer my cast iron one, put in a TBS. of butter. Satuee in the butter one small to medium onion- depending on the amount of pork. Now dump in the shredded pork and add 1 can of Hunts diced tomatoes with which ever flavoring you enjoy. I use (I think) cilantro and garlic flavor. Add one small can of green chopped chilies and taco seasoning to taste. Add a small can of tomato sauce. (go easy here you don't want to get it too soupy.) Stir and let simmer. While it simmers chop some fresh cilantro and get your shredded cheese ready. I use the Mexican mix by Kraft. As the liquid evaporates- leave it a little moist- put the meat mixture into flour tortilla shells, top with cheese and FRESH Cilantro. The cilantro makes this dish.

Anonymous said...

I'm cooking a fresh pork shoulder now. I don't have much time tonight so I'll take part of it and make cheesy scalloped potatoes.

The next day I'll take more of it and make North Carolina pulled pork. The bbq sauce is vinegar based and delicious. I'll serve that with a potato salad probably.

The next day I'll make Beans & Greens with cornbread, just like they serve at the Cracker Barrel. I have a mix of fresh greens that I'll cook down with some of the pork, and I have some pinto beans that I'll also cook down with some of the pork. That is served with homemade cornbread.

I should have plenty of pork left over since it's just the two of us so I'll also make some split pea soup w/ ham in it, and some potato soup w/ham in it, and lastly, I'll make a ham spread (ham (pork), cream cheese, green onions) to put on crackers.

I almost forgot - I took the skin off so I can make pork rinds later.

I've also made boiled dinner with pork shoulder. That's basically ham, taters, cabbage, carrots, and then your onions and spices.

dudewheresthestove said...

same idea as the first commenter, just that I would add some soy sauce and honey. Pork's inherent sweetness just pairs so well with other sweet things!

Michelle Kendall "chinadoll" on t nation said...

KALUA PORK RECIPE (the stuff you get at a Luau, the whole pork that's roasted in the ground wrapped in ti leaves)

Place 1" of chicken broth or water in the bottom of a crock pot.

Place the pork atop.

Sprinkle the pork roast with 1/4 cup soy sauce, 1 T. liquid smoke, salt and pepper. Cover and cook on high until the roast is falling apart. Skim off any visible fat. Shred the meat coarsely and stir a bit. Add salt to taste if needed. Serve with RICE....on a daily basis, we hawaiians eat Kalua Pork with a scoop or two of rice and a tossed salad dressed with Thousand Island Dressing (mixture of mayo, ketchup and pickle relish).

VARIATION: Toast two slices of whole wheat bread. Spread a bit of mayo, and add heated leftover Kalua Pork. You may also eat the sandwiches open faced, or use toasted Kaiser rolls. A very very favorite among locals in Hawaii.

VARIATION: Cook in a large open pot leftover Kalua Pork with garlic and one head of shredded cabbage. Season while cooking with soy sauce, salt and pepper. Cook until the cabbage is either tender crisp or soft, as desired (here in Hawaii, most prefer the cabbage cooked soft, almost mushy). Serve over Rice. Another favorite among locals in Hawaii. Gold's Gym Hawaii serves this, which is a favorite among their bodybuilders.

VARIATION: Kalua Pork Quesadillas are served in High-End Restaurants and places where tourists frequent. Try adding Kalua Pork to the inside of your Quesadilla. If available, serve with bottled Pineapple Salsa.

VARIATION: Warm the Pork in a saucepan, and then stir in bottled Barbeque Sauce, such as KC Masterpiece (which even in Hawaii often is on sale for less than one dollar). Serve over Kaiser Rolls for BBQ Pork Sandwiches.

Kalua Pork is so versatile, you can cook a truckload, divide into dinner sized portions and freeze.

Frugal Guy said...

Awesome, thanks for the great tips everyone! I'm going to have to buy some pork again soon.

Michelle, if you don't slow down you'll finish the whole blog and have nothing left to read... ;)

Anonymous said...

Do it on the BBQ with a rotisserie like I never did before last night! - indirect heating, keep BBQ at about 350 degrees. Wow - rule of thumb 30 minutes per pound. First I marinated it for as many hours as possible in: red wine, mustard, pepper, paprika, honey, soy sauce, worcestershire, and garlic of course...let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes under foil before slicing...can't imagine what to do with the leftovers tonight yet