Thursday, October 12

Ham It Up!

Okay, with a holiday weekend over, guess what was on sale early this week? That's right, big fat hams. I had to pick one up. She was a big beautiful precooked spiral cut honeyed ham with about ten pounds of tender juicy fairly lean meat. Whoa, is it just me or does that sound almost erotic? Yikes!

Anyway, it is a lot less fun than it sounds. I spent the better part of an evening unraveling the thinly sliced spirals while trimming off the fattier portions. About an hour into the process I was getting bored. Sigh. However, I kept on trucking and finally made my way down to the end of the process.

I haven't frozen any yet, but I will be doing that soon. I've got these little saran wrapped plates full of ham. I'm sure it's not actually ten pounds after trimming and so forth, but it's a lot of ham, let me tell you. Of course, I did have to splurge and pick up some cheese and whole grain bagels. Oh yeah baby, that's on the menu tomorrow.

Anyway, the real moral of the story is to either avoid buying seasonal holiday items or else be prepared to go out and buy more after the event is over. You'll generally find a good deal, especially if the expiry date of the food items starts to get a bit closer. Oh hey, I've got some eggs sitting around too, I smell an omellete or two in the near future.

I shouldn't write when I'm hungry, should I?

Note: Included in this week's Festival of Frugality post.

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Cindy said...

There are so many recipes that use ham. I sometimes buy a ham and cut it into one pound pieces. Then use the pieces in scalloped potatoes with ham, quiche, fried rice with ham, etc