Monday, September 18

Running Out of Beef!

I know I have a few regular readers who will immediately understand the subject of this post...

However, for those that haven't been here before, I must sadly report that a massive quantity of ground beef which has been residing in my freezer has slowly sublimated and now I'm left with a nearly empty freezer. Oh, it is such a sad sight!

In loving memory of the lost ground beef I held an all day vigil on Sunday. Basically, I bought about five pounds of ground beef and spent all day making some chili in my stock pot. On a side note, I used a little wire "spacer" to keep the pot from sitting directly on the burner, which did stop the bottom from overheating and scalding things.

It's always a mad scientist experience. I don't actually follow recipes very often, so it's toss in the beef, start adding various spices, and see where things go. Not spicy enough, time for more cayenne. Throw in these beans, those beans, heck, what about some lentils? Why not. Once the meat is cooked it's taste test time. Too bland. More cayenne! Maybe some tumeric, oregano, paprika, salt and pepper? What other bottles have I got hiding in the cupboards? Hey, don't forget the tomatoes, onions and peppers.

I don't like my chili to be watery, so I make sure they are nice and thick like a paste. Perfect for spreading onto some hot buttered toast whether warmed up or not. Oh man, my mouth is watering just writing about it.

Anyway, the freezer is now looking less bare as I have little containers of chili taking up much of the space. I am scouring the supermarket looking for ground beef on sale, but the season is really over. I don't think they even carry the brand of beef that was on sale year round. It seems it's really a summer specialty that I was able to load up on when barbeque season started to wind down.

Oh well, I did save a ton of cash. As well, because I am still doing calorie cycling (related post), with normal/heavy eating days and light eating days, it lasted about twice as long as it otherwise would have. So, now, I wonder what will be the next big deal that I can find and write about? Maybe I should start looking into mixed vegetable protein sources, such as beans and rice, and find some tasty recipes involving cheap and nutritious food sources?

Any good and frugal food ideas to share with me?

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