Saturday, September 30

I'm Feeling Saucy!

I think I've eaten more pasta and beef this year than I have in the entire rest of my life. Of course, pasta is cheap and scoring a great sale on ground beef certainly contributed to the process. Sad as it may be (I'm not complaining mind you) I have run out of super cheap ground beef, but this doesn't mean that I'll be changing the seasonal special on my menu either!

Because a jar of sauce can easily last for two or three pots of pasta I've been buying Classico pasta sauce. Hey, it's yummy! Anyhow, it's not all that cheap, really, and I've been going through at least a jar a week, and I keep wondering if I should scour for cheaper brands.

Well, the answer is not yet! You see, they had a great sale on this stuff just a few days ago. It was over $1 off per jar. Yes, you guessed it, at the risk of stretching my arms I loaded up on this stuff and have bottles and bottles of it sequestered in my kitchen. So, I don't know what the rest of you are eating, but I'll be eating chili and pasta, beef and pasta, and chicken and pasta as my primary meals for another month.

Oh, I should also write up a bit of a report on my calorie cycling progress one of these days. In case anyone out there is interested in how that is going... by way of a preview, as I am a single guy, I've probably dropped my food expenses by about a third. Not too shabby.

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