Saturday, September 9

Crystal Lite Alternative: Lipton To Go Packets

Although I know better, and we all have our flaws, I like to drink flavored water. As with some other people, I used to drink various flavors of Crystal Light. However, as far as flavored waters go, this is very expensive. Perhaps it is the major branding efforts, or maybe it is simply the convenience of having it pre-sweetened in a variety of flavors, or possibly it is the ability to avoid having to lug around actual containers of water.

Whatever the case, it's too expensive. For quite a while I substituted Kool Aid instead. This is certainly not as upscale and comes in a strange variety of flavors targeted towards children. I would buy bags of Splenda to sweeten it myself for much less than the cost of Crystal Lite. It was a step forward, but still somewhat expensive compared to plain old water. I've tried, really, but I just can't bring myself to drink plain old water unless I absolutely have to.

In either case, when I mixed up my pitcher of water, I'd first brew some green tea and use that as the base for my drinks. At least that way I'd feel somewhat healthy about the whole concept of not drinking plain water. Hey, green tea has all kinds of health benefits apparently, so why not? It's not like it is all that much effort to let the teabag soak for a while.

I've recently discovered a new alternative. I'm not sure when it was introduced, but I'm drinking Lipton's iced tea and green tea "To Go" products now. They come in what are supposedly individual packets used to flavor a single bottle of plain water. What I do is cut open two of them and then make a somewhat diluted pitcher of iced tea.

I haven't gotten out the calculator, but I suspect the cost is very similar to that of my Kool Aid concoction. However, there is a big convenience factor here that gives Lipton's product the nod. These are tea products! I don't have to buy and brew tea in order to have my tea based drinks anymore. Also, especially when diluted the way I make them, they aren't very expensive as one box of 10 packets will make 5 pitchers.

If you are like me and have difficulty enforcing the discpline needed to drink plain water, then you should give these a try. So far the flavors I've seen are "Lemon Iced Tea" and "Mandarine and Mango Green Tea". This gives me three effective flavors by choosing two of the same or one of each when making a pitcher. So, my own convenience summary, they are tea based so no brewing, they are pre-sweetened so no sweetener additions, and they are an instant mix so no lugging water home from the store.

Now, with a review like this, I think I should be a sales person for these people or something!

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Mom2fur said...

I love these. Keep your eye out for coupons--I've seen them a few times.
Another trick is to buy a canister of the sugar-free tea (if that's what you like). If you go to the crafts store, in the beading department, you can buy these really tiny zipper-type plastic bags. There's a whole bunch in a packet. (If it's Michael's, use the 40% off coupon they have each week.) Each would be about the right size for one bottle of water worth of iced tea. I've never tried this myself, but heard about it from a fellow blogger. You just scoop out what you need for one serving. Might be worth a try!

Anonymous said...

Another cheap trick would be to buy lemon or lime to flavor your water. They usually cost about $0.60 and they have a long shelf life.

Anonymous said...

At work I tend to use the premixed stuff like Crystal Lite, etc., but at home I find my teens like to drink "all my stuff"! They have no trouble drinking water, so I cut up lemons and limes, freeze them and then add them ice and water drinks. Keeps the water cold and adds flavour. I also use fancy drinking glasses for those "water" days to get them all down!

Anonymous said...

You can buy flavored teas; green or black. Put them in a wide mouth bottle.
Put in the fridge or on the counter.
Or just make a pitcher of iced tea.
Pour boiling water over tea bags in a heat proof pitcher. When it cools, add ice and sugar if you like.
Bigalow's Raspberry Herb tea is just delicious!!