Wednesday, August 2

I'm Going Nuts, Pine Nuts!

So, if you have been following along you've seen that I'm trying out a calorie cycling diet. You've also seen that I've spotted some research (see this post) which talks about pinolenic acid and it's ability to increase feelings of satiety, which would help one eat less.

Well, the store I shop at sells pine nuts. I guess you can grind them up to make pesto, which may be more appetizing and perhaps cheaper option, but I thought I'd pick up a little tub and give this a try. When I got home from the gym today I had a spoonful of pine nuts. These are the raw ones, not roasted ones. Anyway, they are sort of bland and a bit funky, I think they are enough to make me lose my appetite directly, whether or not they have pinolenic acid!

Okay, that's not really true, but while mild I don't find them all that appealing. In any case, while today is a low calorie day, I do think I seem to be less hungry than I would otherwise expect. Perhaps it is just the placebo effect? I'm pretty disciplined, so I'll give this a try for a few weeks on low calorie days and see if I consistently notice a lack of appetite when eating these things.

If I do, then I'll probably try to find an appetizing way to eat a spoonful of pesto instead. Where on earth do I get these ideas?

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