Wednesday, August 23

Healthy, Fast and Cheap Breakfast

I'd gotten away from this breakfast for a while, but I've recently rediscovered it. It takes almost zero time to prepare and is very good for you.

Simply pour some unflavored large flake rolled oats, of a slow cooking variety, in a bowl. Add a few spoonfuls of your favorite flavor of yogurt. Stir. Personally, I enjoy adding fat free stirred yogurts with small chunks of fruit. Something like blueberry, mixed berries or even peach will do the trick.

No, I don't actually cook the oatmeal, I prefer to simply stir in the yogurt and let it sit for a moment.

Anyway, this breakfast will take you thirty seconds to prepare and probably cost you about that per serving. Oats are a good source of fiber, low GI carbohydrates and various nutrients. Yogurt is a good source of calcium, some B-complex vitamins and various minerals. Fruits, such as blueberries, are a good source of health promoting antioxidants.

Oh, and I almost forgot, studies have shown that calcium and dairy products (perhpas due to high glutamine content) are helpful with weight loss. That means this breakfast, as part of a managed diet, can also be useful for weight loss with factors such as satiety inducing fiber, low GI carbs and dairy content.

Why would you punish your body with a coffee and a donut, which costs more, when you could have this instead?

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Anonymous said...

uh...I mean guy...I guess I'm not much for thoroughly reading.

Anonymous said...

yeah...or paying attention.
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carry on.

Frugal Guy said...

Hey, at least you are anonymous! :p

chris :) said...

lol yeah I guess that was a good idea huh?

Lawrence said...

I'm not a big fan of oatmeal but I agree, it can be a very inexpensive and quick meal in the morning.