Saturday, May 6

Pasta Pasta Pasta

Lately, my favorite meal has been pasta. Since I go to the gym and work out a lot I need a fairly large quantity of food -- which of course is a difficulty at times when it comes to being frugal. However, my pasta meal seems to do the job of keeping me fed while not breaking the bank.


    - ground beef
    - tomato sauce
    - shredded cheese
    - pasta
Of course, the biggest expense is the ground beef, so for a cheaper meal lower the amount of beef you are using. The shredded cheese can also be pricey if you use a lot of it, so try to use it sparingly. Obviously, fry up the ground beef first. When it has cooked set the burner to minimum. Cook and drain your pasta. Dump the beef into the pasta pot. Add tomato sauce to taste. Add shredded cheese to taste. Stir. Serve.

Personally, I buy large bags of no-name tricolor rotini. The green pasta has spinach in it while the orange pasta has carrots in it. This adds some vegetable nutrients into the pasta since I am not a big fan of vegetables. Anyway, as you may have guessed, increasing your protein and calorie needs by going to the gym regularly will have an impact on your frugality efforts.


Frugal Guy said...
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Jenn said...

If you really want to get some vegetable content you could actually throw some canned or frozen veggies in there. :)

I hope you at least take a multivitamin :)

The Frugal Guy said...


Yes, I know... they have been the bane of my existence my entire life.

However, I do truly take a fantastic multi and try to keep stocked up on the raw veggies that I actually can eat.


Mom2fur said...

You can also try using ground turkey! I've often seen it on sale BOGO at my local Stop and Shop. Once I made enchiladas with it and no one believed it wasn't beef! Another thing you can do is simmer chunks of meat on very low heat for about 2 hours--more if it isn't a tender cut. We have pasta every Sunday with sauce my husband makes and never use ground beef in it. Always some kind of sausage and beef--top round works really nicely and it often goes on sale for a good price.
Look for pasta with ridges (it will be called such-and-such rigati, and rigatoni) because it really holds the sauce!

Mom2fur said...

Oh...I forgot to say you're simmering that meat in your tomato sauce. The longer you simmer, the better it will be.

Jake Pohick said...

Ah, nothing says economical meat like fresh road kill.

the frugal guy said...

Good catch mom2fur, I've been avoiding the sausages lately, but they'd be great with the pasta at about half the price too!

Mmmmm, roadkill...

Anonymous said...

Try ground turkey this is leaner meat and is less expensive than beef. I prefer this meat because it maintains its size when you form it into a shape and it will taste like the seasoning that you mix it with. As with any poultry you will have to exercise the added precautions to prevent cross contaminations associated with handling raw food. We use to eat the ultimate frugal food fish caught fresh daily.
We live in Louisiana we are encouraged to kill and eat nutria some day I will do so as soon as I taste it and learn how to prepare it. You can get 50 22 cal bullets less than a dollar depending how well you shoot and critter weight you can eat for less than $.02 an animal yielding some 2-7 pounds of lean meat. There is a website about this it has recipes but doesn't tell you how to skin the lil critters.