Friday, May 26

Minor Tweaks and Cheesy Thoughts

If you've been following along you are aware that I've been eating a lot of beef just lately. Yes, I do like beef a lot, and I even still like it now that I'm eating so much of it, but eating similar foods quite often has outlined a few minor strategic thoughts or tweaks:

  • Cheesy Thoughts: As beef and pasta is a dish I consider pretty yummy, I've noticed that I can go through a fair amount of cheese as well. In fact, since my beef was so cheap, the cheese is possibly the most expensive remaining ingredient. Obviously, don't buy preshredded cheese, but if you are really scrounging, buy parmesan cheese. It lasts virtually forever, so there is no spoilage, and it is quite pungent, so you won't even need to use very much of it.

  • Spice it Up: Eating the same food all the time can get a little bit boring, to understate the case. Spices can certainly help deal with this type of issue. However, some spices are more expensive than others. In particular, if you don't have issues with your health that preclude doing so, use a bit more salt in your beef when cooking it. Compared to other spices salt is very cheap and has a large impact on perceived flavor.

  • Rice vs Pasta: I may have touched on this a bit earlier, but beef and rice is almost as good as beef and pasta. It is a little bit cheaper, as you can buy huge bags of rice for next to nothing, just realize that the rice is a bit denser than shaped pasta. Anyway, another very enjoyable dish is fried rice, which is a great way to deal with rice leftovers!

  • Dietary Goals: Although a bit less conventional, you can arrange your meals around your dietary goals or excercise routine. For example, on days that I work out, which is quite a few days really, I like to have something like beef and pasta. I need the carbs and my body is ready to deal with all the calories coming at it. On days I don't work out I may instead have only beef and low GI carbs such as beans with some tomato sauce and cheese. I eat cheap either way, but I do enjoy the carbohydrate laden meal more, which actually encourages me to go to the gym on days that I'm ambivalent about it.
Anyway, I have some dinner cooking in the kitchen, yes, it's beef, so I'd better get back to that. I'd hate to burn my food and have to throw it out - that just wouldn't be frugal!

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