Friday, May 12

Bulk Barn Redux

Today I finally made another trek down to the local Bulk Barn. Last time through I simply picked up some roasted salted peas, but this time I added a few more items to the purchase list.

Roasted Almonds
Nuts in general are pretty expensive these days, but it is important to get a good mix of fats in our diet. Almonds are a good source of protein as well as monounsaturated fats. Nice large, I want to say juicy but of course they aren't, and crunchy!

For these concerned about getting things right, "the almond that we think of as a nut is technically the seed of the fruit of the almond tree, a medium-size tree that bears fragrant pink and white flowers. Like its cousins, the peach, cherry and apricot trees, the almond tree bears fruits with stone-like seeds (or pits) within. The seed of the almond fruit is what we refer to as the almond nut."

Roasted Chick Peas
I am sorry to say that while I was looking forward to trying these, I can't stand them. The taste is bland and they seem to form a sour paste in the mouth if you try to eat them as a standalone snack. Luckily, I only bought a tiny amount.

Roasted Salted Green Peas
As I reported on my first trip to the Bulk Barn, these roasted salted green peas are very good. They almost taste like nuts though, as you chew them, their underlying flavor comes out a little bit. Peas are a healthy snack and contain all kinds of nutrients having to do with energy and metabolism.

So, I have to 'fess up and admit that I spent about $11 today. Hopefully these snacks will last me a couple of weeks at least. I sure couldn't buy them any cheaper around here, but if I simply gobble them up because they are convenient I won't be saving any money at all.


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Mom2fur said...

Hunt down a recipe for "Mexican Wedding Cakes," which will make use of some of those almonds. They are the most delicious cookie ever and pretty easy to make!
Considering how expensive nuts are...I think you did pretty well with your $11!