Saturday, April 1

Why Not Walk?

What is it with our need to go everywhere in a vehicle? This habit can be counter to the idea of frugal living. Above and beyond the usual cost of gas, as well the inevitable wear and tear, there is often the issue of parking to contend with. To put it simply, why not walk?

Sure, some things may be too far away, but many aren't. This is especially true if you are willing to get organized and plan your tasks. However, it may take a different type of planning than we are used to. Generally, we plan to get as much done as quickly as possible, so that in one trip we can get all of our chores done.

However, if you are able to go for a walk at lunch, you can do some errands within your work day and save yourself a drive during the weekend. Alternately, if you are going downtown, where you have to pay for parking, you may be able to park a bit further away and lessen your costs -- if you are willing to walk a bit.

If you live within a few blocks of your grocery store, why not walk? Sure, you can't carry a weeks worth of food and groceries at a time, but you can certainly get a bit of free exercise by walking. Besides, nobody says you have to purchase everything at once, you can always return there tomorrow to pick up more.

The concept is to consider organizing yourself around goals involving frugality and a healthy lifestyle, not around convenience and minimization of time involved. Sure, these are good goals, when you are earning a lot of money and it makes sense to spend extra money to save time. When you are living frugal, your goals should be different.

If you do plan on doing some more walking, there are a few things to consider. You don't want to get mugged or anything like that, so consider the type of area you are in and the time of day you will be doing it. Also, it can be more enjoyable if you are dressed appropriately, perhaps with sunglasses and maybe even an MP3 player to keep you entertained. Obviously, in the summer, you can roller blade or bike if you prefer.

So, what's your rush? Why not walk?

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Mom2fur said...

I love walking. I used to do it all the time. Now I've got back problems (it's called Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction) that makes walking hard. Carrying groceries any farther than from the store to my car and then into my house is out of the question.
Still, I've been trying to walk again. I'm up to 1.5 miles/day, but not every day just yet. And most things really are too far to get to on foot. Not to mention the lack of sidewalks and too much traffic. Still, I can remember when I was young and I'd push my baby and toddler in a pram carriage to the local grocery store (different neighborhood), and I'd put the groceries in the carriage around the baby. People thought that was pretty funny! I miss those days. Maybe someday I'll have a grandchild to push around in a stroller.

ChangeMe said...


I'm actually pretty into health and fitness issues. On the off chance, have you looked into your abdominal muscles?

It sounds funny, but especially after childbirth, some women become weak the abs, perhaps due to certain procedures, which results in a posture change.

Strengthening the abs, so that they pull up on the hips, can sometimes change this posture and help alleviate some lower back issues.

Obviously, just a shot in the dark, but perhaps worth looking into. Oh, I googled the issue to see what it was... which lead me to thse thoughts.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Mom2fur said...

I've tried lots of things. It's very definitely an inflammation problem, not muscular. It's more of an annoyance than anything because I'm pretty healthy otherwise. (Knock on wood, I haven't had a cold in over 2 years. Love them vitamins, LOL!)

Anonymous said...

I agree about walking. It's great!

And since I moved to New York City (where it's considered unusual not to walk nearly everywhere), I've discovered those 4-wheeled shopping carts that are a breeze to push. I use mine for going grocery shopping, laundry -- I even brought my new television home in it! So, yes, there is a way to walk to the grocery store and bring home a week's worth of groceries. These carts are readily available in NYC, but in other places, it might be necessary to go online or try asking your local hardware store to order one for you. They're about $20 - $30 and more than worth it.

In most places, people are just so used to driving everywhere, they have forgotten about the (healthier and more fun) alternatives.

Best to everyone and keep walking!

Anonymous said...

Where I live you will be killed if you use a bike or walk Louisiana red necks are usually intoxicated this is impossible to walk. We have had to step up to a larger car just for protection we are now in a saturn ION you may say larger?We still have the metro but the saturn has a much better safety record so we went from 1 litere displacement to 2.2liters.When the rednecks stop drinking and learn to drive practacal cars I'll reconsider another smaller vehicle.