Friday, April 7

Preemptive Nonspending

How is that for a nice title? I'm sure you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, but bear with me, this will make sense in a moment. Let me start with a little story to illustrate this concept.

Every new year throngs of people will join the local gym or fitness center. With vows of sticking to it and finally getting results, they plunk down their signup fee and start the process of automatic monthly deductions. Now, this time, because I am paying, I will surely find time to get to the gym and get into shape!

Guess what happens to most of these people? They go to the gym for a few weeks. Sure, it was a good idea, but they weren't able to change their habits and integrate fitness into their lifestyle. Perhaps the gym was too busy for them, who knows? However, guess what, they hang onto their membership for months, even though they are getting no use out of it. There is this faint hope that tomorrow they will suddenly have all the energy and the time to use that membership. Perhaps they even do go to the gym once in a while and justify the membership in that way.

Does any of this sound familiar? If not yourself, maybe someone you know has done this one or more times? If so, don't feel guilty or be judgmental, that is not the point. The point is, you can save yourself the money by testing your resolve before you plunk down your hard earned cash in the first place!

What is stopping you from spending half an hour three times a week to stretch and do other low impact exercises in your home -- for free? Do you think that the only good exercise is exercise in the gym? What is stopping you from going for a short walk every day before or after dinner? That's right, nothing. If you want to exercise, I'm certainly not trying to stop you, but test your resolve by doing this on your own for a while to see if you are really able to change your habits.

Then, only after you have proven that you have both the will and the ability to follow some type of plan, join the gym. This way you know that you are able to devote yourself to this course of action, because you already have been doing so. You won't be one of those people throwing your money at the gym in the hopes that it will magically transform you. You will be in the gym, transforming yourself, and that is money well spent. Honestly, a gym membership has a lot to offer, if you actually make use of it.

So, the moral of the story is, whenever you can, try it before you buy it. See you at the gym, hopefully.


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Anonymous said...

Loosing weight is tough my problem is we go out to eat rather than just taking the time to prepare a meal ourselves. Eating out you consume fat foods and we tend to go to the buffet because of variety.I love to go to the gym just can't seem to justify the drive across town to do what we can do at home.Time is waisted with a gym the drive there and back is usually less than the time spent exercizing.This is the same reason I began cutting my own hair who wants to look like a fool waiting with your valuable time to get a cut,man I can do it my self before I would be able to park the car to wait my turn.

Anonymous said...

Since last post I have taken steps to conserve 1 got a freezer 2 vacumn seal a meal 3 pressure cooker 4 using the sun to cook with what you might say yes for hundreds of years people have cooked with the sun this is not just a hobby it saves money too if you know you will have a sunny day place a pot of quartered potatoes in the home made solar oven and you have a regular staple ready to go when you get home, over cook frige the excess and you will be ready to make a meal alternating the ways to serve the taters, mash em , skinfull or less , add cheddar and butter sour cream hiddenvalley ranch powder yum eat less meat too. You can cook rice this way too over cook and frige the excess the microwave will do the rest later. I have cooked a chicken in the solar oven but this is an expensive item if you don't get the desired sun you need to insure that proper temperatures are achieved. I have set out a gallon of sun tea and have saved a lot by not buying cokes a box of tea bags are a lot easy to lug into the house too. The freezer makes a lot of ice too we bust all the trays at once and fill at once just take the basket to the sink dump and fill 3 min bam. I got rid of the crutches can walk better next step is get the bike and loose some but.