Monday, March 27

The Pauper and the Peas

I don't really like vegetables. I've never liked vegetables. When I was growing up dinner time was an ordeal most nights because I would either have to eat my vegetables or find a way to dispose of them without anybody knowing about it. This would mean outlasting anyone who was willing to supervise, but continuing to eat tiny tiny amounts so they would think I had finally eaten them when I claimed I was done.

Okay, I digress, but it's interesting to me!

Anyway, while checking out the local "Bulk Barn", which in itself is a potential frugal event, I found a product called "Roasted Salted Green Peas". "Whoa, what on earth is this?" I think to myself. Now, most bins and every aisle held signs warning me "DO NOT SNACK". Obviously, I ignored the signs and popped a few of these green pellets onto my palate. Holy smokes, this wasn't a vegetable at all.

Obviously, being roasted, these things will last approximately until the apocalypse. They are healthy food as green peas have a lot of vitamins and minerals which won't be lost by roasting. They are reminiscent of snack foods, perhaps nuts, though they don't have the same flavor or texture. Most importantly, they are fairly cheap.

So, if you are travelling, prone to snack on unhealthy foods, don't like vegetable or are just trying to find cheap foods that are healthy as well, give roasted and salted green peas a try. Take it from the kid who hated vegetables, they are pretty good.


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Mom2fur said...

I hate peas, but I'd try those. In fact, I hate most cooked vegetables. Give me a big salad any day! (Yet it's funny, I actually like Brussels Sprouts, LOL!)
You crack me up about eating tiny bits of vegetables. We used to slip stuff we didn't like to the dog. Or I'd cut things in really small pieces and swallow it like pills.
Sometimes we ate on our screened-in porch. My sister was lucky to sit with her back to the screen--where she could slip yukky stuff through a tear! My mother probably never knew why her roses were particularly lovely in that section of the garden outside...

Jenn said...

glad to see you back!