Monday, December 5

Throwing Away Money

How many people out there use kitchen sized garbage bags for small wastebaskets in various rooms? C'mon, put up your hand if you use them, I can't read minds. Yeah, that's better, quite a few people by the look of it.

When it is time to take out the garbage do you replace the bag? If so, stop wasting your money. Just make sure you don't put anything that will leak or stick into the garbage. Generally it is quite easy to do this, though perhaps you will need to designate one or two bins for extremely toxic items.

Anyway, if you do manage your trash in this way, you can just pour your trash out of the smaller baskets into a larger container or bag before taking it out. The individual bags can be reused almost indefinitely. For further savings, if you are so inclined, don't buy any of the smaller garbage bags, simply use the paper or plastic bags available when you purchase groceries for garbage disposal.

Hey, this is a frugality blog, not an environmental blog. Make your own choices about paper versus plastic and keep it to yourself.

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