Friday, December 16

Cheap and Easy Hot Meal

Food is easily one of the fastest ways to blow money when you are trying to be frugal. In my quest for cheap eating I ran across this simple and tasty meal that costs very little but remains healthy.

After cooking several sausages, chop them into chunks. Then, open a can of roasted garlic and basil tomotoes. Dump the sausages and tomatoes in a frying pan. Simmer over a low heat until much of the water has boiled off. Personally, I've been using English Banger sausages, as they seem to have a peppery nature as opposed to a hot nature.

There you go. A very healthy treat with loads of flavor. Try it, you'll thank me.

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Drew Thaler said...

My wife and I do something similar - chopped up sausage cooked with tomatoes and olive oil in a pan, then served over pasta. (We use sun-dried tomatoes because they last forever in the pantry, but chopped regular tomatoes would work similarly.)

Virtually no effort involved, but really tasty.