Sunday, November 6

What is Frugal Living?

Everyone knows what frugal living is, don't they? A while ago I was unemployed and learned a lot about living very lean. For example, if I had two things to do I would only do one, so that I had something to do the next day -- a reason to get out of the house and interact with the outside world.

Of course frugality is not really about scheduling, but it just goes to show how low my life had been for a while. When you don't have a job and nobody is interested in hiring you, even if it is because you are very overqualified, you not only run short on money, but self-esteem and motivation.

Now, I've just chosen to change my career path to focus on a direction that will have me living lean for a while. I'm going to have to dig back into my bag of tricks, developed during my period of unemployment, in order to stretch my dollars as far as possible. I'm going to blog about various ideas or strategies in case it might be helpful for someone out there -- maybe someone who is unemployed, looking for a job, and facing adversity.

I don't know if it will truly help, but this is all I can do to let you know that someone out here understands and to make your dollar go further.

Frugal Guy said...
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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog thingies. They are better than most for tips on saving your pennies. And, let's face it, too many are struggling with budgets.
Why is it that you don't write more of them?


frugal guy said...

Hi Sheridan,

Thank you very much for the kind comments.

I do write as often as I can, but it is difficult to come up with new ideas all the time. I'm often able to write a new post once a week unless my life has gotten a bit busier than normal.

Frugal Guy

MartinM377 said...

As soon as I saw your most recent post (ablut the leaky faucets) I knew that I was going to love your blog!

I currently have a blog of my own called a homeowner's blog and I can definitely related to that first post that I saw.

I am loving your blog so much that I HAVE to start reading your posts from the beginning!

How sad it is that I can also relate to being unemployed (and unfortunately so can a lot of other people). I'm taking my own steps towards self-employment and the money that I have made so far only encourages and inspires me to keep on keeping on!

I definitely have to add you to my own blog!

Until then I look forward to reading your blog posts!

Frugal Guy said...


Thank you very much for the kind words about liking the blog and having to read it all.

I guess that is pretty much the best possible compliment for a blogger! I am honored.

Frugal Guy

Lawence said...

Up until just a few years ago I had never lived very lean. I was the guy that threw my money away on travel and toys. It wasn't until the economy forced me to get frugal that I decided to change my lifestyle. Although I no longer need to live so lean, I've found that it isn't so difficult to do and actually makes me feel much better about my lifestyle. Thanks for your blog. I really enjoy participating!