Saturday, November 19

Kool-Aid vs Crystal Lite

It is now official. I've been drinking Kool-Aid and uber cheap no-name brand drink mix for a while now. Yes, I'm adding artificial sweetener, but buying it in bulk let's me do so for a much lower price than presweetened drink mix.

I'm haven't grown an extra antenna or anything like that yet.

The real trick appears to be finding flavors that don't require a large amount of sweetener to make them reasonable for consumption. So far, grape or fruit punch seem to be the best bets. Cherry is a recipe for heartburn while lemon lime does rude things to the throat.

Tags: Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, Frugality

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Christopher Trottier said...

I've never been able to drink that stuff. It's so... artificial.

ChangeMe said...

Yeah, I hear you.

I am finding the grape to be the most benign... but I won't suggest it tastes like real grape juice!