Thursday, November 10

Frugality Confession

This is going to be tough. As much as I am trying to be frugal, I simply cannot follow my own advice. I really prefer that I drink something with a bit of flavor instead of plain water. Sigh.

One way to do this is the buy frozen juice and then use more water than suggested when mixing it. However, something I am currently experimenting with is unsweetened Kool Aid. Generally, I'll make some green tea, then mix in whatever flavor of Crystal Light I am using.

However, Crystal Light is very expensive. I can't justify the cost of a packet given that I'm now an authority on frugal living. The unsweetened Kool Aid isn't bad, but I am going to visit the health food store and see if they don't have some bulk calorie free sweetener that I can buy. For example, maybe a teaspoon of stevia per pitcher would do the trick?

I'll let you know.

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